Allpro Poly and Wire Wafers

Manufactured to meet the industries highest standards, AllPro Poly and wire Wafer Brooms are forerunners in quality and durability. Providing you with more usage hours between broom changeovers, AllPro Poly and Wire Wafer Brooms are ideal for attacking tough road debris such as asphalt, gravel, mill grind, clay and mud. Keystone’s convoluted style Poly Wafers are designed for durability and consistent sweeping performance. Its unique construction enables it to cover any surface with a continuous pattern. Our Poly Wafers are an ideal choice for all sweeping conditions and are available in all sizes to fit most popular sweepers on the road today. Keystone’s convoluted or flat style Wire Wafers are designed for aggressive and tough sweeping conditions. The AllPro wire remains firm and flexible, even during extended use situations, and is available in all sizes. Ideal use in Road Construction and Job Site Sweeping.

Poly & Wire Wafer Mixed Brooms and Combo Wafers

Many sweeping professionals will often alternate one poly wafer for every wire wafer, providing for a balanced, yet powerful sweeping broom that works best for changing or uncertain sweeping conditions. AllPro Poly Wafer and Wire Wafer Brooms are made from flexible spring steel wire to ensure a thorough cleaning without bristle damage.

But when mixed wafer broom requirements are needed, Keystone manufactures an alternative solution, our new Combo Wafer. With a layer of steel and a layer of polypropylene sandwiched together is a single wafer, Keystone offers the benefits from both wafer needs into a single wafer.

poly and wire wafers

Street Sweeping, Road Construction, Tractor Mount Sweepers, Skid Steer Loaders. Wafers are the most common broom for the construction market. Most notable, the front tow behind and tractor mounted attachments.

Flat (1-pin):  Steel spacers required to maintain uniformspacing between wafers.
Convoluted (2-pin):  ‘Spacer less’ installation – ring shaped (waved inner ring) to create it own spacing.

Filament (Bristles)
Poly:  Normal sweeping, more ‘flick action’.
Wire:  Aggressive sweeping, more ‘cutting action’.
Combo:  Poly and wire in one wafer. Provide the combined benefits of both wire and poly wafers. More convenient installation and allows for one inventory.

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