How To Find The Right Broom for Your Street Sweeper

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There are many different sweepers and sweeping attachments available on the market today. Some are new and easy to see the manufacturer while some are so old they’re difficult to identify. There are also many different broom types from wafers to tube broom to strip brooms.

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3 Benefits of the All-Pro Strip Brooms

Over the years we have found three key benefits when switching your main broom from a traditional tube broom to an All-Pro Strip Broom. The strip broom is made with the same poly bristles as the tube broom and provides the same consistent sweep. Often we find an increase in performance with the flicking action of the strip broom, especially the combo strip broom, which is a mix of both poly and wire.


The tube broom has been the staple in sweeping for decades. The only problem is, they’re bulky and very heavy, which makes them expensive to transport, difficult to change and even more complicated to dispose. The strip broom was designed to address all of these issues and keep you sweeper doing what it does best: sweep.
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New Images of the All Pro™ Strip Broom

Everyone in the street sweeping business should know about the All Pro™ Strip Brooms, the perfect solution to street sweepers due to their ease of use, simple storage and easy changes amongst other benefits. If you are not familiar with them, be sure to head over to our All Pro™ Strip Brooms page for a more detailed overview. While the technology, affordability and ease of use behind the All Pro Strip Brooms remains the same, we do have some cool new product pictures to show you that are a great addition to the video about how easy they can make street cleaning and maintenance.

Brian Installing All Pro Strip Brooms

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Springtime Means Street Cleaning Time

Keystone Street Sweeping Brush

Spring is the busiest time of year for Keystone as customers need new brooms and brushes for the season, says Brian Naftal, sales and operations. And this year, the annual busy season may run a bit later than the usual May through June.  “It’s spring time and it’s spring clean-up time,” says Naftal. “It’s been a long, messy winter for most of the country and it’s still a late spring for a lot of the country.”

Keystone is a third generation family business that was started in 1945, and has a 62,000 square foot headquarter in South Plainfield, New Jersey, where they manufacture final products and also brush elements for their clients.

Everything goes this time of year—all makes and models and styles of brushes are in high demand. But Keystone’s renowned customer service doesn’t suffer, says Naftal. “It requires all hands on deck to answer customers’ calls, questions and orders and to maintain the production levels needed to live up to our fast service reputation. Even with the tremendous influx of business in the last few months, our lead time hasn’t changed.”

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Learn About the Effecient and Green Street Sweeping

The Features and Benefits of The All Pro Strip Broom

Watch Brian Naftal of Keystone Plastics walk through the process of installing the All Pro Strip Broom for all street sweeping applications. Brain talks about the features and benefits of the All Pro Strip broom inducing the recyclability of the brush strip and the center sweep chevron shape is designed to sweep things to the center and up to the hopper instead of leaving debris curbside.

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Leaders in the Sweeping Industry

Keystone Plastics recently appeared in the August 2011 edition of North American Sweeper. The article which is featured below, discuss how Keystone has become a leader in the street sweeping industry  with excellent customer service, quality and innovative products. Read the entire article below.

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All Pro™ Strip Brooms

Center Sweep Strip System


  • Keystone’s Strip Broom has been designed with a center sweep mandrel. This center core directs debris into the middle of the sweeping path resulting in less streaking and improving debris pickup for impressive sweeping results.
  • Center Sweep Mandrel allows collected debris to settle evenly in the sweeper hopper. This eliminates elevator wear and the need for frequent adjustments caused by debris collecting to one side.
  • The superior 100% recyclable AllPro Strip Broom achieves cleaner sweeping and creates the most aggressive sweeping available on the road today.

NEW Allpro Strip Broom Center Mandrel with Replaceable/Recyclable Broom Strip

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AllPro Tube Brooms

Tube Brooms

A tube broom is constructed on a solid steel core – a steel channel with filament crushed inside is spirally wound throughout the length of the tube. Tube Brooms are also know as: main brooms, center brooms, bottom brooms, pick-up brooms, belly brooms and extension brooms.

  • The Tube Broom is made with Keystones engineered bristles and is guaranteed to have more filament, a longer life, more thorough debris collection and greater sweeping results.
  • With it’s aggressive sweeping action, Keystone’s TubeBroom provides a cleaner street sweeping job.
  • Made with tight and consistent broom wraps, our Tube Brooms bristles keep constant contact with the road.
  • Keystone Tube Brooms have more filament providing longer broom life.

Filament (Bristle)
All Poly: General street sweeping
Poly/Wire Combo: Versatile sweeping
Standard: Our standard tube brooms meet every OEM Spec.
Heavy Duty: Heavy duty means that it exceeds OEM specifications. Keystone offers a Heavy Duty Line of Tube Broom products.



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Allpro Poly and Wire Wafers

Poly & Wire Wafer Mixed Brooms and Combo Wafers

Many sweeping professionals will often alternate one poly wafer for every wire wafer, providing for a balanced, yet powerful sweeping broom that works best for changing or uncertain sweeping conditions. AllPro Poly Wafer and Wire Wafer Brooms are made from flexible spring steel wire to ensure a thorough cleaning without bristle damage.

But when mixed wafer broom requirements are needed, Keystone manufactures an alternative solution, our new Combo Wafer. With a layer of steel and a layer of polypropylene sandwiched together is a single wafer, Keystone offers the benefits from both wafer needs into a single wafer.

poly and wire wafers

Street Sweeping, Road Construction, Tractor Mount Sweepers, Skid Steer Loaders. Wafers are the most common broom for the construction market. Most notable, the front tow behind and tractor mounted attachments.

Flat (1-pin):  Steel spacers required to maintain uniformspacing between wafers.
Convoluted (2-pin):  ‘Spacer less’ installation – ring shaped (waved inner ring) to create it own spacing.

Filament (Bristles)
Poly:  Normal sweeping, more ‘flick action’.
Wire:  Aggressive sweeping, more ‘cutting action’.
Combo:  Poly and wire in one wafer. Provide the combined benefits of both wire and poly wafers. More convenient installation and allows for one inventory.

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AllPro™ Combo Broom

Combo Brooms

Introducing the all NEW Combo Broom.

Because there are some sweeping jobs that require a tougher broom but with the same efficiency and quality as our standard AllPro Brooms, we have created the AllPro Combo Strip Broom. We’ve combined our standard polypropylene bristle with crimped wire into a single strip. By doing this, we have developed a broom that brings aggressive sweeping and flicking agility of our polypropylene bristle together with the muscle of wire and with the same ease of our AllPro Center Strip Sweeping system.



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