Contruction and Better Roads

There is road construction everywhere as building and maintaining infrastructure is essential for transportation and growing the economy. Many departments across the board are looking to cut costs from their budgets. Using the correct products for the job are critical in balancing cost reduction and job performance.

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Gutter Brooms



The most frequently asked question we get when we introduce one of our customers to a KP (Keystone Patented) Wire Gutter Broom is, “Why Patented Wire?”

The answer is quite simple: Patented Wire has demonstrated to be a much stronger and harder wire with greater resistance to fatigue than traditional Gutter Broom wires.

And the typical customer response after testing a Keystone Patented Wire Gutter Broom has been that Keystone’s Patented Wire Gutter Broom has met or exceeded their expectations, on even the toughest street sweeping applications.

A major concern in manufacturing steel is the loss of strength properties through the production process that can cause the steel to prematurely break-down, weaken or fail. However, in the patenting process, steel wire is gradually heated and then cooled in a controlled environment allowing it to be flattened, or cold rolled, without sacrificing the key characteristic of the steel – strength.

Apply this technology to gutter brooms where strength and durability of the product are the user’s main concerns, and you can begin to understand the benefits of Patented Wire. This includes the steel’s resistance to bending and stretching (hardness), resistance to fatigue from repeated stress, flick strength and ability to maintain its original shape.

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Polyproylene Filament

Keystone’s line of polypropylene filament is top quality and versatile for a wide variety of applications. It has excellent wet stiffness, flex fatigue resistance and good bend recovery. POLYPRO® and KEYKORN® are inert to most solvents, oils and chemicals and are especially good at resisting acids and bases. Polypropylene offers a 50% better yield than PVC. It has limited natural sunlight resistance, which may be greatly improved by the addition of black color.

• Custom manufactured to your specs
• Quick turnaround
• High heat application filament available
• UV stabilized available
• Flaggable
• Made in the USA

POLYPRO® is a high quality filament for a wide variety of applications. Its many features include excellent stiffness when wet. More rugged than shaped fibers, POLYPRO® is the product of choice for tough scrubbing applications.

POLYPRO® (FLG) is a flaggable, softer fiber. It has a more slippery surface for ease of picking in certain applications. It is the most popular of several inexpensive flaggable POLYPRO® formulations.

POLYPRO® and POLYPRO® (FLG) may be purchased unflagged. POLYPRO® (FLG) is a pro based product containing SAN for applications needing solvent resistance.

POLYPRO® (FLG) contains styrene and is more suitable for dry applications.

POLYPRO® Tri-Star is a triangular shaped polypropylene fiber that was developed as a Tampico fiber replacement. It is a high yield fiber, making twice as many brushes per pound as PVC. It is excellent for household, hardware and industrial brushes.

KEYKORN® is an X shaped fiber designed to provide a multi-surface cross section for high yield and improved liquid retention. KEYKORN® filaments were specifically designed for an upright household broom. They are intended as replacements for natural broomcorn.

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Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to custom manufacture brushes for specialty and OEM needs. If you have a unique application or a looking for a custom color to distinguish you from your competition, we can custom manufacture a product to your needs.

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