Springtime Means Street Cleaning Time

Keystone Street Sweeping Brush

Spring is the busiest time of year for Keystone as customers need new brooms and brushes for the season, says Brian Naftal, sales and operations. And this year, the annual busy season may run a bit later than the usual May through June.  “It’s spring time and it’s spring clean-up time,” says Naftal. “It’s been a long, messy winter for most of the country and it’s still a late spring for a lot of the country.”

Keystone is a third generation family business that was started in 1945, and has a 62,000 square foot headquarter in South Plainfield, New Jersey, where they manufacture final products and also brush elements for their clients.

Everything goes this time of year—all makes and models and styles of brushes are in high demand. But Keystone’s renowned customer service doesn’t suffer, says Naftal. “It requires all hands on deck to answer customers’ calls, questions and orders and to maintain the production levels needed to live up to our fast service reputation. Even with the tremendous influx of business in the last few months, our lead time hasn’t changed.”

Because Keystone’s manufacturing facility is on-site—and conveniently located  near major ports, rail ways and major highways for fast and competitive transportation—the company is able to respond to their customers’ orders for either stock items or custom components with unmatched speed. “Our lead times are better than anyone else in the business,” says Naftal.

Product Trends

A general product trend Naftal points to is the strip broom’s market dominance over tube brooms because of price and ease of use. The full range of Keystone products include:

All Pro Strip Brooms: Individual polypropylene strips that are mounted on a central mandrel, forming a full size, densely bristled broom, and can be individually switched out when worn

All Pro Tube Brooms: A solid steel core and bristles with more filament means longer life span

All Pro Poly and Wire Wafers: The best brooms for the toughest surfaces and available in a wide range of sizes

All Pro Combo Broom: Keystone’s standard polypropylene bristle combined with crimped wire into a single strip gives the best of two products—polypropylene bristle’s aggressive sweeping and flicking agility with the power of wire.

All Pro Gutter Brooms: For every road sweeper on the road, Keystone’s got a gutter broom that’ll fit, using tough patented wire that lasts.

Filament: A range of filaments that are flexible and cost-effective, with choices that work for different surfaces and environments, and resist most solvents, oils and chemicals, including acids and bases.

Custom: Keystone’s onsite manufacturing facility means we can custom create brushes for all of our clients’ needs, and with the same, fast delivery time we offer for all our products.

The Best Cleaning Performance with Keystone

Get in touch with Keystone now to discuss how we can you get the most efficient and cost-effective performance from your equipment this spring with the perfect brushes, or create a custom piece to help you stay ahead of the competition.


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